Is Dogecoin at $0.58 a Triumph or an FU to the Crypto Industry?

Is Dogecoin at $0.58 a Triumph or an FU to the Crypto Industry?

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  1. Doge is bringing many new faces to crypto, and 90%+ understand that its a joke.

    Seinfeld is literally a joke billionaire. Humor absolutely has real world value.

  2. It’s fine, except there is too much being held in too few wallets. If the bubble bursts, people will get hurt and it could be extremely damaging.

    This kind of Ponzi could be the catalyst the SEC / US Gov needs to go full in on regulation, or outright ban on crypto.

  3. It’s a palpable laughing stock. (and I am still holding Doge)

    But let’s be honest, the tech sucks. It’s already been surpassed. There’s no progress as far as projects using the tech. The original devs have no idea what is going on. Don’t support it and are actively working on other programs/projects.

    This is a fad trend P&D being manipulated by whales and institutions.

    Doge won’t hold its value after the bubble bursts.

  4. In the grand-scheme of things, it’s more of a loss than a win.

    In my mind, doge is the loud class-clown. It may be funny on occasion, but will get tiresome and distracting after a while.

  5. Everybody wants to get paid. Simple truth. As a result, I don’t begrudge anyone from getting paid. In the end, that is ultimately what everything boils down to. Even for those purists who are solely “in crypto for the tech”…..

  6. It’s no worse than the million other coins that are useless. At least people are aware of this one. As I scroll through this bored I can’t count the number of useless coins that will never be worth even five cents. Yet everyone is going to make them go to the moon.

  7. I think majority of people know it’s a joke, and will transfer their money to BTC and ETH once they cash out. Also people seem to forget that Tesla and Elon is also invested in BTC. I’m sure Elon will eventually move back to pumping BTC in the future.



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