Is Facebook about to finally launch its cryptocurrency?

Is Facebook about to finally launch its cryptocurrency?

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  1. >Instead of the original proposal, which would have had a Swiss-based Libra pegged to a basket of global currencies and sovereign debt instruments, Diem will instead be tied to the value of just the US dollar.

    >The AFR reports that a “developer close to the Diem stablecoin” reckons Diem will “probably launch in the next 6 months”. Diem will reportedly consist of a ‘payments system’ that will allow users to send Diem through a new app called Novi.

    No thanks. Sounds like a centralized digital dollar.

  2. Starting to sound like it’s just going to be a stable coin. Might be convenient for some, but you give up 100% of your privacy with anything FaceBook touches.

  3. There will probably be a lot of privacy concerns regarding this coin. I remember they had all these ideas around Libra to “easily find your Facebook friends” and have a wallet integrated into Whatsapp…

  4. Finally? I hope it doesn’t, Facebook Twitter belong in the centralized categories.

    .eth domains will be the home pages to people’s life and social media in the future. It will be their wallet, it will be their place, there will be no need for social media companies and censorship.

    My hazardmade.eth domain will visit amazon.eth and I will pay without inserting my card info and giving them, and amazon.eth will do the same.

  5. tldr; According to a report in the Australian Financial Review, Facebook may be about to launch a new cryptocurrency called Diem. The stablecoin will reportedly consist of a ‘payments system’ that will allow users to send Diem through a new app called Novi. Facebook’s apps (including Facebook, as well as Instagram and Whatsapp) will eventually be able to host Diem payments as well.

    *This summary is auto generated by a bot and not meant to replace reading the original article. As always, DYOR.*

  6. I wonder how hard they are going to push it on Facebook. Since its pegged to the dollar speculators won’t be that interested unless there are some sort of staking options available. Yea they are going to have to push it pretty hard.

  7. No one wants this corporate crypto-currency that will only be another surveillance tool.

    Facebook has already demonstrated time and again that it cannot be trusted with user data.

    No reason to use such a cryptocurrency.

    It’s almost worse than CBDCs which will only be mass surveillance tools available to States.

  8. All is connected Facebook marketplace , Instagram and WhatsApp … that’s lots of business opportunities and Diem is a money printing machine 😂😂 free revenue without doing a thing

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