Is power usage getting too high for Bitcoin?

Do you see any issues in the future regarding the amount of power that Bitcoin is currently using and could governments start limiting its use to save energy?

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  1. BTC’s power usage is essentially unrelated to how much it actually does. Right now, it’s far less efficient per transaction than traditional payment processors because of the limited amount of transactions it can process. Increasing the capacity would increase the efficiency since it wouldn’t significantly change the costs of mining.

  2. I would say the issue is not how much power it uses, but whee the power comes from. If bitcoin wasn’t a thing we would still have to same coal and natural gas power plants. Hopefully we transition to cleaner energy sooner rather than later

  3. Reposting my own reply to the same issue in another thread:

    I see the energy usage argument entirely as FUD. Bitcoin for the most part uses renewable energies, and excess energy from other sources. Bitcoin monetizes energy that would otherwise be wasted. The monetization of energy in this way leads Bitcoin to be mined on the cheapest available energy to out compete other miners. You know what the cheapest source of energy is these days? Wind and solar.

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  5. It’s very concerning especially including the high fees, which is why I love the move Ethereum is making to PoS. This is why I love the payment coin nano, its energy useage is next to zero and feeless while maintaining decentralisation.

    There are plenty of good articles about its energy usage including: [](



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