Is Queen Of England a Bitcoin Hodler? Crypto Community Speculates Over Her Interest in Blockchain



The ongoing bull run has made many influential people come out and reveal that they have been hodling bitcoin for quite some time now. Many mainstream financial and traditional hedge fund managers have revealed that the demand for Bitcoin is sky high at present. Hollywood stars like Masie Williams,  JK Rowlings, Mike Tyson, and many others have come forward to reveal that they own a portion of the digital gold. Now, the latest to join the decentralized frenzy is none other than the queen of England.

Centre for Evidence-Based Blockchain (CEBB),  set up by the British Blockchain Association recently released the world’s first peer-reviewed scientific blockchain journal called  Journal of the British Blockchain Association. Dr. Naseem Naqvi who was the editor in chief of the journal took it upon himself to gift a copy of the scientific paper to the queen of England. Naqvi took to Linkedin to post the royal response he received from Her Majesty thanking him for the copy.

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Source: Financial Times

The response suggested that Her Majesty showed interest in blockchain technology and appreciated the gesture. However, as soon as the news about the Queen’s receiving and appreciating a scientific blockchain journal hit the public domain, many had only one question in their mind, how many bitcoins does the queen hold?

The first to ask the question was crypto exchange Binance’s CEO, who took to twitter to wonder about queen’s Bitcoin Stash. He wrote

Bitcoin in 2020 is way different than what it was during its 2017 bull run, although the hype and media frenzy is quite similar, the driving force behind bitcoin has definitely changed. In 2017, it was merely an internet phenomenon that has risen to a height people haven’t seen earlier. However, it was only promoted by a few computer geeks who understood that decentralization was a great deal. In 2020, the bull run is being driven by institutions, the same people who neglected bitcoin a couple of years ago calling it too risky.

The Queen’s response to the scientific journal might just be customary, but people won’t be surprised if the Queen reveals that she has been a Hodler all along.

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