Is the BITCOIN YouTube channel gone?

I used to watch videos of the following channel: [](
I am sure some of you watched it as well. Why is everything removed? Is there a back-up?

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  1. Channel Business:

    Unfortunately, due to running afoul of some apparent copyright claims, the BITCOIN channel will be in private mode until June 22nd 2021.

    I do not have the energy or funds to fight a battle over fair use and copyright, and to do so would mean doxxing myself upfront. Plus, I’m tired, and could use some vacation time.

    Thus, the channel will be in hibernation for the next 2 months and all video’s will be private. During that time, I may make video posts from time to time on rumble instead and post these links to twitter.

    I’d appreciate it if you guys would follow me of twitter and subscribe to my rumble channel:

    If anyone wants a copy of a BITCOIN channel video that’s now private, feel free to message me on twitter and I’ll see what I can do, time permitting. I may need some convincing if you want all 350 video’s though.

    I appreciate all of you, your comments are some of the most entertaining and insightful on Bitcoin YouTube. I’m very proud of you all and your journey down this rabbit hole with me. I hope we can together continue to grow this community and collectively make it that shining city on a hill.

    Stay true, “stay humble, and stack sats.”




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People seem to have forgotten that Dogecoin fans have always been lit

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