Is This The Right Time To Buy Altcoins For The Alt-Season? – Coinpedia – Fintech & Cryptocurreny News Media

Is This The Right Time To Buy Altcoins For The Alt-Season? - Coinpedia - Fintech & Cryptocurreny News Media

The coin market is rising from the gloom, which did overshadow the rise of cryptos in the industry. The digital assets have shred significant value in recent dips from the weakening strength against the USD pair.

To the corrections following the new variant of Covid-19. Meanwhile, an industry proponent enlightens on the price projections of Bitcoin, while highlighting the entry points for altcoins. 

These Entry Points Remain Crucial For The Altseason!

The crypto town’s market cap is currently hovering around $2,700,762,122,675. While the volumes for 24-hours are at $134,449,252,523. The dominance of Bitcoin is at 39.9%, while that of Ethereum is at 18.9%.

Industry proponent enlightens that Bitcoin is close to the end of the correction, which could see more corrections. He expects altcoins to correct more, prior to an accelerating move with the start of January.

The proponent from the industry cites that, the recent corrections in markets have induced numerous cryptos dropping heavily on the charts. The proponent believes the fear to be a key reason for sell-offs.

The fear and greed index is currently portraying fear in the market. The sell-offs in turn are potential entry points for purchases for higher returns during the altseason. 

Collectively, enthusiasts from the crypto industry are waiting for a massive altseason in the first quarter of 2022. The corrections in altcoin prices would be potential entry zones prior to the altseason.

We might expect the altcoins to initiate a bullish move with the dominance of Bitcoin receding. Likewise, the growing dominance of Ethereum would be imperative for the altseason to commence.

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