Israel intelligence agency plans to hire crypto expert


TL;DR Breakdown

  • Israel intelligence unit wants to hire crypto expert.
  • Israel intelligence agency also wants to appoint business consultant.
  • Monero expert is best for Israel crypto job.

Mossad, Israel intelligence agency is set to employ a cryptocurrency and financial technology expert reportedly so it can use cryptocurrencies for anonymous payments to agents or purchasing equipment.

A local Israeli media, Ynet, reported the news on Sunday. The local medium noted that it marks the first time the Israel intelligence agency announced openly it wants to employ a cryptocurrency expert.

Why does Israel intelligence agency want a crypto expert?

Mossad in Israel is responsible for gathering intelligence, covert operation, and also counter-terrorism. Understandably, it stands a good reason to need a crypto expert.

Per the description of the type of expert the firm needs, the Israel intelligence agency wants an expert who is a technological leader in fintech and digital currencies. The position includes leading, initiating, planning, and accompanying systems development activities, and three years of experience in the world of fintech is required.

The intelligence agency also rolled out application for a business consultant for what was described as a “challenging and dynamic role.” It looks like the Mossad is upscaling to build a solid financial technology defense unit.

The Israel intelligence agency, beyond a crypto expert and a business consultant, also wants to employ a professional that can develop unique mechanical means for a job that includes “planning, developing, manufacturing, implementing writing product portfolios, training, managing product methodology, and performing mechanical integration for complex assemblies.

Beyond that, the intelligence unit also wants an expert who is a cyber-researcher and good in field of cameras.

In all of these, the intelligence unit did not specify why these recruitment are on, and they did not mention the type of crypto expert required. If the reason is to buy and pay in crypto anonymously, a Bitcoin expert might not totally fit. A Monero (XMR) expert better fits this role for its mixing service feature built into its blockchain.

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