It won’t be long when bitcoin would be the preferred mode for salary payment

I have lately been noticing that quite a few companies have started adding the option of crypto as a method of salary payment. It’s either full or part of the salary but the fact that employees have the option to choose bitcoin and not fiat is transformational.

Companies and employees are finally realizing the power of bitcoin and recognizing it as a type of currency. Not to mention the many benefits it holds:

* Real-time payments
* Borderless
* Reduced/Low transaction fees compared to traditional banks, especially for cross-border payments
* Quicker transactions
* Secure/private

Several top payroll software have started adding crypto options for their customers and also take care of the legal and tax implications involved. This truly opens up companies to a global workforce.

With time this adoption is only expected to increase with more companies joining in and adding crypto as a payment option for their employees.


Source: [Blockonomics – How to pay Salary in Crypto](

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  1. slowly, then one monday it would be normal and everyone will act like it’s not the biggest deal since sliced avocado. case in point: smartphones.

    Then feedback loops kick in and most people will credit leaders for changing the world.

    “Look at this brave president who switched to solar/hydro whatever and saving the world!”

    Doesn’t matter that without bitcoin there wouldn’t be the incentives/ infrastructure required for such brave acts.

    I think we are going to be pissed.

  2. For anyone working internationally (e.g. digital nomads etc.), it is ideal, it allows one to hold a single asset to hedge all forex risk and simplify investment strategies without having to deal with banks and investment firms around the world

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