It’s like a breath of fresh air seeing all the memes go away. || Reminder: you have a say in how the community is run and governed.

Holy cow! When the front page is filled to the brim with memes it’s dang near suffocating. [It’s almost like binging on alcohol/drugs.](

There’s obviously a need to change things up – as is very often posted, commented, and said. One big problem is all the proposals to make a change *are not getting the requisite number of votes.* If you’re reading this now, remember that you have a say in how the community is run and it’s, often, in your best interest to make your voice heard.

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  1. How about they give moons to r/cryptocurrencymemes too….i am just saying since many want to see memes while other dont like them too much….but we can all agree we like moons

  2. Don’t get me wrong, I love the actual helpful posts and news. BUT, I would really love for there to be a cryptocurrency meme sub. I enjoy a good meme that hits home from time to time. Or maybe a meme day?

  3. Please remember to vote for the proposal to give zero moons to meme posts this coming moon distribution round. It needs to be the top voted proposal in order to get implemented (being just one of the passed proposals is not enough, like in the last round). Following which, it will be implemented immediately in this round of moon distributions. This will greatly reduce the number of meme posts going forward.



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