It’s Math feat. @FossGregfoss

It’s Math feat. @FossGregfoss

It’s Math feat. @FossGregfoss from Bitcoin

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  1. Greg Foss is one of the most ignorant people in bitcoin. As far as I can tell he is unable to do even basic math. The bitcoin community should reject this economically and mathematically ignorant clown.

  2. Honestly it’s gotten pretty funny seeing these gurus on YouTube making up excuses, “BTC is down because it’s a Fibonacci fart face full harvest moon cycle which is being impaired by quantum menstruation and multiplied exponentially by the square root of the number of times rain falls in Kathmandu.” There is no next BTC you fools. There is the one and only. Don’t be a Boy George or a RuPaul aka Raoul Pal. Don’t do it. Don’t be a buttmonkey for the VCs and Chamaths of the world.

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