I’ve been shitting on crypto YouTubers and suddenly stumbled upon a good one, so I thought id share and ask for the ones you all trust. (Or other sources)

I guess I’m not the only one who has been frustrated with the crypto youtubers from reading the posts around here. [This guy Spragg]( only has three videos so far but they are calm, unhyped, focused and it doesn’t feel like I’m being sold something but rather being educated.

So what are some YouTube/Podcasts that help educate you instead of shilling? Oh or just news site too actually. Just solid unbiased sources would be swell!

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  1. Used to watch a lot of Mitch Ray during the bear market, very down to earth analysis and explaination. Nowadays he annoys me bc he seems way over his head but they guy makes over 100k with Patreon every month so I guess thats okay, lol. I did learn a lot from him when it comes to planning and executing trades.

    Nowadays I tend to watch Nick Black whenever I have the time.

  2. Which ones do I trust? None of them. They don’t have my money, my risk tolerance and my time horizon.

    There are several I watch and I pick up bits from each of them. I’ll watch based on topic.

  3. Good shout. I’d add some more quality ones: Coin Bureau, Benjamin Cowen, JRNY Crypto, Crypto Jerome (slightly more ADA focused), CTO Larssen (slighty more ETH focused).



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