I’ve just gotten round to watching the Lex Friedman Vitalik Buterin interview and MY GOD!!!

I mean I’ve always had a healthy level of respect for Vitalik for everything he’s achieved in this space, but after watching him in the interview, his humility, vast knowledge of everything crypto, positive energy and just all-around quirky awesomeness was damn impressive.

He’s a positive voice in this space and we need more people like him. No he said, she said gossip. No whinging and whining. No hate. Just some straight-up, evidence-based commentary.

Anyway, if you’ve not yet watched it, you can watch it on Lex’s channel here: [](

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  1. I love the figures we have in crypto. Satoshi and Hal Finney are the OG legends shrouded in mystery and Vitalik is the hero we need but don’t deserve. Even Pizza Guy is forever a part of this story.

  2. Vitalik is such a chad.

    Even when asked about btc/eth/doge

    he jokingly said that he doesn’t care about the placement and he wouldn’t mind if Doge is second on market cap

  3. Yup, found the time to watch it was ans pleased by the maturity of the discussion and open thought. We need more podcasts like this in general. Get to understand people better.

  4. Back in 2017 when I first started out and learnt about ETH I watched a ton of his videos on you tube. Him and Andreas are the two giant voices in crypto. Both incredibly knowledgeble and top of their game.

    When all the other fuckers are twittering and shilling bullshit, watch some Vitalik. He has next level knowledge that will propel the crypto space into the right direction. He’s a billionaire but I reckon he’d do this even if broke.

    Not like other billionaires playing their fucked up games.

  5. Gee, that‘s so naive. He‘s rather cynical and immature, and his views are close to Elons, aka also has the savior complex. Why can‘t people use their brain to think on their own anymore? Positive voice, yes. That‘s bc he believes in his project and thats alright but don‘t make the mistake thinking he‘s any different from the other billionaires. Do more research, especially Ethereum‘s ties to other venture capital firms and you‘ll understand.

    For you fanboys, to make some things clear: DeFi is here to stay. So is crypto. There are and will be better projects than Ethereum and they will likely co-exist.

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