IX Swap Uses The Products of AllianceBlock

IX Swap finally made the announcement of entering into a strategic partnership with AllianceBlock for the integration of the advanced DeFi applications into the ecosystem of the IXS. IX Swap serves as the Uniswap for TSOs and STOs, the liquidity and solutions for tokenized stocks, and security tokens. IX Swap is the foremost platform to provide AMM functions and liquidity functions for the industry of STO/TSO. The platform facilitates security token trading through security brokers and licensed custodians to offer claims and ownership over assets. The Blockchain-agnostic platform of AllianceBlock builds interoperability and funding solutions for the market of decentralized finance. The platform is also renowned for providing data-driven and compliant access from conventional financial institutions to liquidity providers. 

Through the collaboration, the two platforms of AllianceBlock and IX Swap will look into the development of a regulatory compliant ecosystem that will advance the future of capital markets and the financial industry. For complementing the ecosystem of IX Swap, IX Swap is going to employ the DeFi applications of AllianceBlock that include AllianceBlock Data Tunnel, AllianceBlock Bridge, and AllianceBlock Liquidity Mining as a Service. The partnership will enhance the cross-chain and DeFi capabilities of IX Swap to improve liquidity, Blockchain adoption, and awareness. 

It is the core mission of AllianceBlock to bridge the gap between traditional finance and DeFi finance. To the team at AllianceBlock, the future of finance is the integration between technological innovation and capital workflow. AllianceBlock is striving hard to provide the institutions of traditional finance with access to novel DeFi markets, ecosystem-scaling tools for interoperability and funding, and DeFi projects. Currently, the platform is focusing on the development of a financial infrastructure that will provide the regulated financial institutions around the globe with DeFi tools for seamless access to the DeFi space.

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