Izabella Kaminska (former FT Alphaville editor) on Bitcoin

Izabella Kaminska (former FT Alphaville editor) on Bitcoin

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  1. Not sure how many readers read FT (especially their Alphaville), I do believe Jemima visits this subreddit…

    From Izabella

    >As I have said in every interview that I’ve ever done about the topic, I became more open minded about bitcoin – and only bitcoin – because I finally understood the problem it might potentially be solving in society. That problem is offering a hedge against a world of CBDCs and total government-controlled money linked to identity and social behaviour.


    >This is why I limited my pro-crypto stance to bitcoin alone, comparing myself if anything to a bitcoin maximalist. And my position was pretty clear: as a rule bitcoin serves society best if it exists in the background as a last resort system which never has to be used. This is because it simply cannot compete with the efficiency of a centralised system. The best comparison in my mind is to think of it as a financial “right to bear arms”, which can be funded for the benefit of all by the most diehard enthusiasts who can afford it. I stick with that metaphor today.

    She quit FT and started her own platform “The Bind Spot”, I wish her success.

  2. her and saifdean ammous should do an interview. i really like her analogy that bitcoin is the financial equivalent of the right to bear arms in that bitcoin is a tool like firearms for self defence against tyranny.

    saifdean said something similiar: bitcoin is the monetary batman. it lurks in the shadows of the financial system to keep the central bankers in line.

  3. Good sensible opinions in there. Nice to see a solid skeptical bitcoin maxi inside. I agree that bitcoin is a kind of lifeboat against financial abuses by the State

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