Jack Dorsey is now speaking up

In that article Jack Dorsey promotes Bitcoin as long-term world currency. Even hints at a social media platform (with no names) being the first to include Bitcoin as part of its platform.

That’s now something new and I’m not surprised to see Jack Dorsey speaking up positively about bitcoin. Doesn’t matter if the market is bullish or bearish or the government release some negative fundamental news about bitcoin, Dorsey is smart enough to be a bitcoin billionaire. Since he is the CEO of twitter, you can see how twitter is contributing with crypto. Here but people and twitter are taking advantage, a win win plan. I can see a shiny future for twitter and Dorsey because they never try to escape from the new technology or suspend it but they accept it and try to work with it.

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  1. He was always in love with the technology and now his financial interest align. But he is kind of a maxi and he has a vested interest in promoting the Lightning network, so take his advertising with a grain of salt…

  2. To be honest he would be among the last people that i would trust my crypto. However if he finally starts to finally put some money on crypto or starts new projects for crypto, at least it would be beneficial for both sides.

  3. In stock market, whenever I see good news, the price jumps up instantly, ie. NVDA. I see lots of good news for coins yet they are still down.
    What’s going on? What bad news am I missing?

  4. Imagine a world where you could quickly tip Crypto on a built-in function to Twitter. It would increase real world adoption ridiculously. Even with the detriment of having a “twitter wallet”

  5. Bitcoin’s wealth concentration is a huge problem. It’s dominated by billionaires. Those billionaires only want to suck more USD from the pockets of lower classes.

    2.4% of Bitcoin addresses hold 95% of the coins.

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