Jack Mallers’ take in the Elon saga, worth your time

Jack Mallers’ take in the Elon saga, worth your time

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  1. Jack Mallers is one of the most underrated people in the Bitcoin space. What he is working on has the potential to completely reshape how large amounts of money move around the globe.

  2. Now what Jack is doing, is more revolutionary than Elon imo. He’s trying to give everyone easy access to the Btc monetary system and lighting network via a phone. He’s started in some of the poorest nations in the world.

    “I will die on this hill”

    More people need to learn about what he is doing!

  3. “The fact that I’m spending my time on the phone discussing this with the likes of michael_saylor is the only reason I’m wasting my time here. Infuriating. You’re issuing pointless debt into society. Bright minds have to stop what they’re doing and fix your mess. A true shame.

    Sorry, someone had to say it.

    I don’t give a fuck that you’re rich or popular. I’m not scared of you. You’re a selfish asshole.

    Leave #Bitcoin out of your insecurities.

    Humanity gains nothing from your ego.

    Humanity gains everything from #Bitcoin.

    I will die on this hill.”





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