Jamie Dimon’s embarrassing lack of knowledge, logic and common sense openly shown to the public. The desperate “Donald Trump of banking” proves how detached from reality he is.

He said [1]: “I’ll just challenge the group to one other thing. How do you know it ends at 21 million [bitcoins]? **You all read algorithms?** You guys all believe that? **I don’t know**, I’ve always been a sceptic of **stuff like that**.”

Yes Jamie, we all read algorithms, and it is no rocket science. If Jamie himself does not read the algorithm, why doesn’t he do so instead of embarrassing himself by proving how retarded he is? Because he is a “sceptic” of the computer language C++ and “stuff like that”. Interesting.

Jamie, the Bitcoin code is open to the public since 12 years, easy to understand and was peer-reviewed AND TESTED(!) 1000s of times by experts, incl. academia and IT experts working for banks or governments all around the world. Not a single reviewer has pointed to any lack of the 21 Million cap in the code. If you cannot trust your own IT experts, you should step back as CEO due to loss of authority.

Jamie has lost his connection to reality and manipulates the masses with evil lies, turns out he is to banking what Donald Trump is to society and politics. An evil clown – someone who should not and could not be taken seriously, if he weren’t such an influential public person.


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  1. >Not a single reviewer has pointed to any lack of the 21 Million cap in the code. If you cannot trust your own IT experts, you should step back as CEO due to loss of authority.

    Yes it’s quite the opposite.

    >When prominent security researcher Dan Kaminsky first reviewed Satoshi’s code he tried to pentest it with 9 different exploits, but was amazed to find that Satoshi had already anticipated and patched out all of them.
    >“I came up with beautiful bugs, but every time I went after the code there was a line that addressed the problem. … I’ve never seen anything like it.”

  2. These guys, Jamie Dimon, Peter the pleb Schiff, etc, don’t understand computers and hence cannot wrap their heads around digital assets at all. They are stuck in the old world and will be eaten up. They probably could not even program their VCR when it came out, or even set the clock on the microwaves…
    (Edit: words)

  3. Apparently he started trashtalking bitcoin the same week his bank started buying it. He caused a dip to buy. It’s by design bro. He’s a snake. (I have not verified this but I did see a thing on it and it smells like reptile)

  4. If you think they don’t understand it … you are clueless. They understand Bitcoin very well, talking good about it would undermine their business. The same story with Dave Ramsey.


    I don’t know how you don’t get it.

  5. Why would you assume he’s lacking of knowledge and not intentional, when it just so happens to help him to fud btc? He’s the CEO of JPM for a reason and it’s not because his dumb.

  6. Thread titles like what OP put up are why people imagine this sub is only filled with teenagers and indians. **Literally no reason** to include “orange man bad” reference and it undercuts whatever point he was trying to make.

  7. It’s not an algorithm, its the majority of participants in the network having a vested interest in keeping the supply fixed.

    Bitcoin is secured by incentives and a network, the mystery juice is mandated by Bill Gates & Co. insisting everyone must take it. Lets see which strategy is more efficient

  8. Dimon will damage his friends and customers.
    Who believe in bitcoin will have more time to accumulate wealth because others are losing time.
    Let him speak, the truth will come and Dimon will be a worldwide ignorant joke.

  9. I’m fairly certain the cunt face known as Jamie Dimon is invested in bitcoin and probably wants more so he bashes it to suppress it’s price. He’s done it in the past for other assets (along with other industry leaders)

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