Jan 2022 target $250,000

Jan 2022 target $250,000

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  1. tldr; Bitcoin will invalidate one of its best-known price models this cycle as $1 million becomes a focus for 2025, according to Matthew Hyland. Hyland predicted that only one of the two Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow models would survive beyond 2022. He added that a mass publicity campaign from large volume investors will start as soon as $100,000 hits.

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  2. How do we break the cycle of these giga-liquidations? We have almost every crypto prophet hyping up the blow off top that has to happen in this time frame, you know, because history. So now we have all the leverage traders going long after BS articles like this or all the crypto YouTube moonboy videos. Then the whales see these longs on chain. And then they just dump causing the liquidation spiral ,to get more cheap bitcoin.

  3. Lets try to surpass 70k before we start talking 250 okay… people posting these dumb articles are too high on hopium and being stuck in the mania phase of the cycle. Let us not forget. There is a thing called a crypto winter that happens every cycle.. i dont want to say it but its also called a b**r cycle….. we will eventually achieve 250k, but possibly not in this cycle. And if anyone says ” well its in the charts, the charts are pointing at 250k” then you must be new to bitcoin… during the end of the cycles you may as well throw the charts out the window ok. Alot of things wont make sense, they wont play out as thwir supposed to, and predictions will be nothing more than a prediction. Honestly to achieve 69k as a top this yeat was histotic. Sure, lots of people were hoping for bigger numbers but alot of crazy shit influenced the markets this cycle… albeit we have made a new ath with almost hitting 70k, which was almost 50k more than the last cycle but c’mon people use your head and stop letting mania and thrill overpower your decisions and hopes. Normally the end of the cycle charting an analytic rules get drasitcally thrown off (not always but most do) to where they almost dont always apply like they would normally during the begining of the cycles. Theres a thing called “the wall st. Psychology cheatsheet”that has played out almost perfectly during the past cycles, id pay more attention to that than any chart of pattern drawn out to show that btc will hit 250k… sure it ll one day happen. Just not in this cycle. Shit we would have to hit 100k first before 250 and i would bet everyone and their mothers will be selling at 100 therefore would take astronomically longer to get to 250 after the dump that it would cause at 100. Think about it. Its all hype man. Dont be fooled.

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