John Legend succeeds in the NFT world through his company “Our Happy”

John Legend

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• Legends NFT platform is a community for artists
• Company led by John Legend shows the index of the introductory offer on OurSong

American singer-songwriter John Legend is looking to get into NFT trading through “Our Happy” company. The contemporary Pop and R&B star, famous for the single “All of Me,” adapts to the new technology to make it boom.

In February, John Legend launched his music platform for NFTs “OurSong,” which recently raised about $7M. The NFT market has been present in the music industry, supporting great artists such as Snoop Dogg and Boy George.

John Legend offers the best of the NFT market with OurSong

The NFT market has become one of the most popular today, and everyone, including celebrities, wants to be a part of it. OurSong, the NFT platform developed by the singer, successfully raised some $7M in seed funding where big tech companies like Animoca Brands and FBG Capital participated.

The OurSong interface is available for Android and IOS devices, with which each client can develop their NFTs and buy existing ones. The platform supports TT token, BNB Chain, and ETH transactions.

OurSong is not established as a traditional NFT platform but as a space where users will learn how to buy and sell NFT pieces. The website only works for mobile devices and has exclusive support for MetaMask or other commercial wallets.

Music NFTs platforms gain fame

John Legend

Since NFT trading reached its peak in popularity, various trading platforms have been developed, such as the one powered by John Legend. With OurSong, the website promises to be a refuge for the community of pop fans and lovers of the new virtual commerce. The interface has stable support that uses the USD coin token for its stability and easy acquisition.

Although John Legend is the head of the digital company, OurSong was also developed by Kevin Lin, head of the Twitch server, and Cheung Ken, a Facebook alum. The company’s director shows his approach toward the NFT market and also indicates that his approach is to liberate the use of virtual space en masse.

Participants in the launch offer, such as Animoca Brands, indicate that their purpose is to support all companies venture into virtual universes. Animoca agents insist that a strong scheme stands for fair work, and OurSong delivers on that requirement.

Since February, OurSong has become one of the leading web platforms for the NFT market. It stands out for its musical works and auctions that seek to support new talent.

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