John McAfee, a book and a film about his life

John McAfee film

The life of John McAfee will become a book and a film to be produced by AMDC Films. 

The famous inventor of the McAfee antivirus, later becoming a crypto influencer, will be immortalized.

The book about John McAfee

AMDC has acquired the rights to film the contents of the book “No Domain: The John McAfee Tapes” by Mark Eglinton, which will be published on 28 December by Post Hill Press. 

The book is extracted from conversations between John McAfee and Mark Eglinton that took place in 2019, when McAfee was already on the run from the United States and in an undisclosed location.

In conversations with the author, McAfee traced his inimitable life. He talks about his violent father who took his own life, the LSD overdose that almost made him want to kill his first wife and daughter, his collaboration with the CIA, the launch of his antivirus. And then the life in Belize, marked by the death of his neighbour for which he was accused, and again the candidacy for the presidency of the United States in 2016, until the daring escape not before burying money and valuables in secret places.

All this is “No Domain: The John McAfee Tapes” told by the Scottish writer, already author of other biographies including that of rugby captain Michael Lynagh and former footballer Michael Owen.

The film about the eventful life of John McAfee

The contents of ‘No Domain: The John McAfee Tapes’ will also be made into a film by AMDC Films. This is the production company founded by Amanda Milius, daughter of director and producer John Milius (Apocalypse Now, Dirty Harry, Red Dawn, Conan The Barbarian).

The production company is currently enjoying great success with “Plot Against the President “. The documentary, broadcast on Netflix and one of the most viewed in 2020, tells the story of the lies about Russian interference during the 2016 presidential election campaign, the one in which Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton. 

Now AMDC Films will take on the life of John McAfee. Amanda Milius explains:

“I have a great fondness for brave men. The last movie we did was about moral courage, and I am extremely grateful to be working with an author whose bravery and loyalty to the subject shines through in this ultimate work about one of the most original iconoclastic, vibrant, exciting and interesting men to have ever lived, John McAfee”.

Janice McAfee doesn’t believe in John’s suicide

John McAfee’s last days

John McAfee died on 23 June in a Barcelona prison where he was being held following his arrest and pending extradition to the United States. His wife Janice McAfee does not believe in the suicide theory. There are too many details that do not convince her that her husband wanted to take his own life, or at least nothing to suggest that he was in a state of mind that would have led him to kill himself. 

A note was also found in his pockets, which for the authorities is proof that he wanted to end his life, but for his wife that is not his handwriting. 

Did someone want to silence McAfee? It is not known. What is certain is that a passage in Mark Eglinton’s book mentions the relationship between the crypto influencer and the FBI. In one of the contacts he had with an agent, McAfee recounts when this person suggested that if he wanted to kill him and make the evidence disappear, he could do so. 

Words which, read today, sound sinister, perhaps premonitory. 

The book and the film, in the view of Janice McAfee, will tell the story of the man she loved

“For years the media has spread their distorted narrative of who they believed John McAfee to be & it’s for this reason John wanted his story told in his own words despite our being in hiding. I hope these films will honor his desire to have the story of his life told truthfully”.

This would be the second film about John McAfee. While he was still alive, “King of the Jungle” had already been released, with Michael Keaton playing John McAfee during his years in Belize. 

Now the new film will have an even more important task: to pay tribute to McAfee’s memory, now that he is gone.


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