Join the Phemex Trader’s Arena

Join the Phemex Trader’s Arena

At first, nobody thinks of himself as a trader when he starts getting involved with cryptocurrency. But trading is inevitable. You’re going to do it either from time to time to multiply your assets or consistently to earn a living from your portfolio.

It’s a bit of a learning curve implied there, but as you get better, you start to understand more of the crypto world’s real potential.

And, you know what’s crazy? The better you get at trading, the more you earn, and you can even get into a crypto trading competition to win an award while doing your day-to-day trading activity.

Entering a crypto trading competition

Yes, there are crypto exchanges that organize trading competitions in which you can participate and win Bitcoin because you’re one of the best at trading.

For starters, a crypto trading competition is a sort of event where you get to participate and compete against other traders for the top positions in a leaderboard.

Most such competitions will rank the participants based on their returns.

The entering procedure is usually straightforward. You only have to apply through a quick registration process. Nothing complicated.

The Phemex Trader’s Arena

Do $2,000,000 sounds tempting? Then, you need to get into Phemex Trader’s Arena. They are organizing a “team battle royal” for traders, in which participants will show off their skill to rank as high as possible. 

The traders will participate in teams coordinated by a captain. 

There are special incentives for captains to round up their peers and put in their best efforts.

If a captain leads his team to victory, he will get 40% of the prize, the top 10 team members get 30%, and the rest of the group receives the remaining 30%.

As for the teams, they have to contain at least ten members. There is no upper cap for team members.

So you can tackle Trader’s Arena as a spec ops team as well as a great crypto army.

What is Phemex, and how does it give away $2,000,000?

Phemex is one of the fastest crypto exchanges out there that was opened in 2019 by professional former Wall Street traders.

Jack Tao and the other founding members of Phemex observed that the crypto industry runs with a lack of professionalism, trustworthiness, and customer support, especially in the trading sector. Therefore, the founding members dedicated themselves to building a simple, efficient, and trusted cryptocurrency trading platform.

With the Phemex Trader’s Arena, they encourage traders to communicate and collaborate while employing gamification to reward the best teams.

The $2,000,000, equivalating to 45 BTC, comes up as a prize pool made available to the participants once there are 18,000 registrations.

Even if there will be less registrations, the contest will still be held:

  • $10,000 prize pool for 200-499 participants 
  • $25,000 prize pool for 500-999 participants
  • $75,000 prize pool for 1000-1999 participants
  • $150,000 prize pool for 2000-3999 participants
  • $400,000 prize pool for 4000-5999 participants
  • $600,000 prize pool for 6000-7999 participants
  • $1,000,000 prize pool for 8000-9999 participants
  • $1,250,000 prize pool for 10000-14999 participants
  • $1,875,000 prize pool for 15000-17999 participants
  • $2,000,000 prize pool for 18000-20000 participants

Phemex, on its own, has a $574,000,000 average trading volume per day and 30+ liquidity providers. Furthermore, considering they had already successfully organized an edition of the Trader’s Arena back in September 2020, the more the reason to participate in right now.

The applications have opened on the 10th of March and are open until the 23rd of March. And there are already quite a few thousand people registered for the event.

The competition starts on the 24th of March and will last until the 6th of April. After that, the organizers will take a look over the leaderboard distribute the prizes starting with the 13th of April.

The days are passing, and the competition starts soon, so don’t miss out. You only need a BTC Trading Account with a net value of at least 0.005 BTC, and you are free to get in.

Also, go into crypto community groups and spread the word to find who else is in for the game. You might even find yourself the people you need to form your own big-shot winning team.

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