JP Morgan Was Bullish Last Week鈥ow Today Comes Out With A Bearish Statement鈥hese Institutions Are Playing Mind Games Through The Media鈥rillions are being poured into bitcoin right now for those ETFs that about to hit the market 馃拵馃殌

Last week institutions are all bullish, chamath said in a recent interview trillions are coming in

Than also last week you have this as a news headlines

Than today JP Morgan changes course and says something completely different

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  1. >Trillions are being poured into bitcoin right now

    No. And money never goes “into” bitcoin. It goes to the seller. Some money is going from “whothefuckever” is buying bitcoin now to sellers who hopefully bought it for less and will make a profit.

  2. These institutions need to up their games, Tell them it’s not their rigged financial system where they will place one of their man in the system
    and get bail outs if they get in any trouble.
    I ain’t gonna sell a single btc

  3. Keep buying price and chart don鈥檛 lie and also basic economics of supply and demand of the coin. Bitcoin is king to all crypto because there is no face to bitcoin no ceo no one to tell what the coin should do and how it should operate like all other cryptos is what makes this the GOD of All Cryptos.

  4. He is free to change it to 21 Trillion just like he is used to from the CB.
    I mean why talk shit just do it an see what happens?

    If it was a good idea to destroy Bitcoin that way why does he think it would not have already been done?

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