Junk-Rated El Salvador’s ‘Bitcoin Bonds’ Look Explosive (Think Volcano)

Junk-Rated El Salvador’s ‘Bitcoin Bonds’ Look Explosive (Think Volcano)

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  1. “The decision to adopt Bitcoin was a sign of weak governance.”

    The adoption itself is not evidence of weak governance at all. The integrity of the decision making behind the move is governance. If they didn’t audit that they have no grounds on which to make a finding.

  2. This is trash journalism. CoinDesk can eat shit.

    1. The old officials who were removed from El Salvador’s Government were removed with the full support of their legal system, it was not a dictatorship taking over. The attorney general who was legally removed had deep ties to giant American corporations plus he had no experience. Western media wrongly portrayed this event because their interests were under attack.

    2. The current administration is not representative of El Salvador’s past, and in fact, is fighting the old regime still.

    3. Junk ratings are meaningless. The people giving the rating are the same corrupt institutions who crashed the world economy by giving so called AAA ratings to actual junk. The rating system is the real junk.

    4. A “pro-Bitcoin” publication has a hard time believing that Bitcoin will be much higher in 5 years? Bullshit. CoinDesk is a propaganda rag. Bitcoin Magazine is the real deal.

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