Just Buy $100

Just Buy $100

Just Buy $100 from Bitcoin

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  1. Unironically why do people consider Black Friday deals that are off 20% good deals, but investments that are 20% off not. Should have the same mentality and people should be all thinking about buying right now

  2. Just told my co worker who I have been talking to about BTC for months that I was buying the dip this morning and then he told me he wants to invest his first $1000 in BTC! Lets fucking Go! We are still early! Only gonna be 21 million of these precious coins and you can only win if you HODL!

  3. 54 is a steal… I would have thought 2 weeks ago.

    But now I’m wondering if it’s gonna be 44 in 2 more weeks, and then I’ll be wondering…

    Well, fuck it. Might as well get a little more at this firesale price while I can.

  4. Well… there’s always the risk that you take the Bitcoins “cheap”, run on a mine, expode, ZOMG, LOOK HOW CHEAP THEY ARE! pick up some more “cheap” Bitcoins and you run on the next mine, while the price collapses further.

  5. So you’ll make 100 if it doubles? I made 700% on shib in a month before everyone jumped on then rolled it into Gala and Jasmy. I’m up over another 700% now. If you only have $100, buy alts

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