Kamala Harris Has a SECRET Plot for Newsom and Cuomo

Devin Nunes sued a cow on the internet. He has been sanctioned by more than one federal judge for filing frivolous lawsuits, which is hard to do when one is a relatively powerful United States Congressman. Devin was up to the task. So we best keep all this in perspective.

In keeping with the CPAC theme of the weekend, where it is already Spring 2024 and the presidential elections are right around the corner, Devin Nunes has some conspiracy theories as to who is in control of what. It is quite apparent that having failed at making Joe Biden a bad monster like Barack Obama, people like Devin Nunes have set about to create a new monster, Vice President Kamala Harris. Of course, it is Harris, what could possibly be scarier to today’s Devin Nunes-types than a brilliant woman of color who refuses to apologize for being a brilliant woman of color, one who demands respect for what she attained through her work. She is unwilling to thank Devin or anyone else for her position, it is not a token gift.

So Devin is already moving to head Harris off at the pass while at the same time, assuming that Joe Biden won’t be running in 2024. We are not sure why he’s making that assumption. Between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, we feel safe in saying that Joe will be at least as energetic, healthy, as Donald Trump, quite possibly freer, too. But that’s now how Devin sees it:

As usual, Maria Bartiromo was more than willing to scratch the MAGA underbelly and get answers to the most ridiculous conspiracy theories. Bartiromo asked, “This whole throwing Newsom, throwing Cuomo under the bus from Democrats, you say that is a larger theme?”

We were under the impression that Republicans were throwing Cuomo under the bus? Best rest assured if Cuomo hid numbers or harassed a woman, we’ll take care of our own, just as we’ve done before. Devin responded:

“I think it’s real easy. The Democratic Party is really a socialist party with a politburo system. That’s how it runs out in California. You know, Kamala Harris never really had to run for anything. So, what they’re doing here, what I believe they’re doing here is that Cuomo and Newsom are expendable now. They’re a threat to the politburo system, they’re a threat to Harris.”

“This is all about eliminating the opposition so that she has a free run in 2024 and isn’t challenged by, you know, prominent governors from two of the biggest states.”

Kamala Harris ran for District Attorney in San Francisco, she ran for Attorney General in California, she ran for the Senate in California and ran for vice-president. But what could possibly be more Republican than diminishing a woman’s accomplishments. And by the way, “Politburo”? Says the guy whose party is literally worshipping a golden Trump this weekend? Which party looks more like Stalin’s right now?

Maria said, “That makes sense.”

This is what happens when one listens to a man who sues cows.

Peace, y’all
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