KardiaChain and DeHR Unite to Revolutionize HR Practices

KardiaChain and DeHR Unite to Revolutionize HR Practices

KardiaChain strives to encourage the mass adoption of blockchain technology and has recently entered into a strategic partnership with DeHR to develop the KAI ecosystem. It will create a new space for HR processes through the seamless adoption of blockchain technology. The outbreak of Covid-19 has been a significant challenge for HR processes. However, the strategic partnership between traditional businesses, blockchain companies, and blockchain experts around the world brings a ray of hope. 

Recruiters from all over the world are seeking reliable digital solutions and infrastructure to recruit top-notch human capital. KardiaChain seeks to deploy its Dual Bridge of huge and reputed blockchains, including the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum. The Dual Bridge will expand the horizon of data storage and enable speedy settlement and transactions at low fees. Both DeHr and KardiaChain seek to drive innovation and efficiency through blockchain technology in the community of HRs, employers, and recruiters. The enterprise-based platform of DeHr is dedicated to the incorporation of blockchain technology into traditional businesses. The company provides expert blockchain solutions to the HRs of various industries. Through the partnership with KardiaChain, DeHr will be able to tap into the vast user base of KardiaChain to ensure the accessibility of the platform to HR professionals and more in the markets of Vietnam and beyond. 

KardiaChain is the foremost self-optimized, interoperable, and decentralized infrastructure of blockchain technology. It is the central mission of KardiaChain to do away with the fragmentation of the blockchain ecosystem. The cross-chain, non-invasive technology of KardiaChain enables it to act as a data conduit for cross-chain communication among private and public blockchains. KardiaChain aids in data and asset transfer without necessitating any change in the blockchain network. The unified blockchain infrastructure of KardiaChain ensures interoperability, thereby encouraging the mass adoption of blockchain technology.

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