Kardiachain (KAI) is a sleeping giant.

Obligatory shill warning but this is a coin I can’t believe hasn’t been brought up here yet.

For background I’ve been in crypto for about 5 years and have made some respectable returns.

You’ve probably never heard of it, but I think Kardiachain or KAI is the next big project in Crypto. Yahoo just listed it as a top 2021 tech project to watch.

Now, here’s the meat and potatoes.

Billed as world’s first Non-Invasive, Decentralized Interoperable Blockchain.

Developed by a bunch of current and ex-Google employees

Currently $70M Market Cap, at $0.028 per coin.
The Mainnet 1.0 just went live in Jan 2021.

They’re about to release their DEX here in the next few weeks.

About to release their full SDK and Markup language for DApp development.

Fully invested into DID development.

They have a REAL Use Case. KAI is attempting to garner tokenized, Mass Adoption use and targeting 1 Million users by early-mid Summer. They currently have over 100,000 users. Users being average citizens that no nothing about Blockchain, but use KAI by downloading their Play Store, or iOS app and actually converting to KAI directly through their app. Their plan is to expand to the greater ASEAN countries after Vietnam. KAI has their own stablecoin, the VNDC based on the Dong.

One of the ways they’re driving Mass Adoption is through a tokenized debit card for things like Taxi service. They’re issuing these NFC based cards to taxi users and paying with KAI, as an entry point to larger use cases.

They’ve partnered with “all” (and i mean ALL) of the major Telecoms in Vietnam, their first use case target area, to integrate their Blockchain tech and drive mass adoption.

They’ve partnered with Geleximco, one of the largest operating companies in SE Asia to develop Enterprise use cases, such as tokenizing REITs in the area (Fractional Ownership of actual real estate).

They are concentrating business operations on Enterprise and Government use cases, and private sector as a secondary priority.

They recently bought back 650M coins from the float, now in a 12 month lockup and 24 month vesting period back into their Reinvestment pool
over 800M coins from the float are Staked (7 day withdrawal period).

Real partnerships with NEM, DAO Maker, NEO
There’s no one really operating blockchain in the ASEAN area, so they have a significant first mover advantage here. KAI is a utility token with real use cases here and an expanding user base. Supply and Demand operates in an open market environment (not closed).
They aren’t yet listed on T1 exchanges. Soon to come (within the next few weeks Q1/Q2).

Also, Nano.

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