Kazakhstan plans to build nuclear power plant to mine cryptocurrencies and Russia will help

Kazakhstan plans to build nuclear power plant to mine cryptocurrencies and Russia will help

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  1. To anyone praising our corrupt government – don’t. If this nuclear stations gets built, it will end up in tears for our country and everyone who will be affected by the eventual nuclear disaster. It’s not because nuclear energy isn’t safe, it’s because our institutions are so corrupt and dysfunctional, we won’t be able to maintain this properly. Plus it’s contracted out to RosAtom who cannot be trusted

  2. tldr; Kazakhstan’s President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has proposed building a nuclear power plant to sustain the growth of the cryptocurrency mining industry amid the energy crisis the country is facing. Kazakhstan is reportedly second in global control of Bitcoin mining energy, after the US.

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  3. “proposal has not been well received by the citizens of Kazakhstan, who fear the environmental implications”

    They fear one of the cleanest most efficient sources of energy? Wow the FUD is strong

    Edit. Oh. And safest

  4. Does anyone here have a source besides digest times? The reporters there give terrible news reports (they cite cointelegraph frequently).

    EDIT: I tried searching for the title of this video in Russian but I got zero results. Looks like it’s just a sensationalized editorial.

  5. I am not a proponent of nuclear power, but this makes sense from the business and technological standpoint. Nuclear power plants need a stable base load, a load dump due to a grid failure is very dangerous. If mining is co-located the electricity is very cheap, since the transmission lines make a big share of the price. They could easily make the miners pay a premium and invest that into safety.

  6. Jeremy Allaire from the company Circle called this. During his recent interview with Jason Calacanis, Jeremy believed that state governments would start hooking up nuclear power plants to mine bitcoin. Jeremy claimed during the interview that he has been predicting this for the past eight years.

    Here’s the video. Comments on this begin at 1 hour 29 minutes… [](

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