KeyFi Comes to BSC-Based ApeSwap DEX

KeyFi Comes to BSC-Based ApeSwap DEX

The ecosystem of the Binance Smart Chain continues to expand. With a range of available applications spanning various segments of the industry, BSC has recently reached another milestone, with its daily transactions being 200% more than these on Ethereum. The ecosystem is bound to expand even more following the recent inclusion of KeyFi to the popular BSC-based decentralized exchange, ApeSwap.

KeyFi Comes to BSC

KeyFi brings forward an AI-powered DeFi aggregator. Its native token, KEYFI, was recently launched on the Binance Smart Chain and is now tradeable on one of the popular decentralized exchanges, ApeSwap.

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It’s worth noting that this migration was in aims of allowing investors to benefit from cheaper and currently quicker transactions on the Binance Smart Chain.

However, those who wish to trade the token on Ethereum will continue to be able to do so on Uniswap.. Moreover, the leading decentralized exchange and an automated market maker will continue hosting liquidity mining programs.

BSC Continues to Grow

KeyFi is just one of the hundreds of projects being launched on BSC recently. The network has expanded in virtually every aspect exponentially over the past few months. This is, in part, due to the sky-high network fees that Ethereum users have to pay. The fees on BSC pale in comparison.

As CryptoPotato reported a few weeks ago, BSC saw a massive surge in daily transactions, setting a record above 4 million. Despite the centralization concerns that many have expressed, BSC enjoys a steady flow of users which is directly reflected in its growth.

To better showcase this, it’s worth noting that the current all-time high in terms of daily transactions sits at above 8 million as of April 20th – a staggering 100% increase in just a couple of weeks.


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