KINGSHIP-Bored Apes Gorillaz Band to Rock Music in Metaverse

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  • New NFT music band, KINGSHIP is set to rock upon Metaverse.
  • KINGSHIP consists of four Bored Apes images based upon Gorillaz NFTs.
  • Universal Music Group to fund and lead KINGSHIP.

Music industry is one of the most profuse indulgers with the Non-Fungible-Token (NFT) industry. Ever since the beginning they have been in hand to hand with each other. In such terms, a new revolution for the first time is said to take place upon the NFT industry. 

A new series of NFT collectibles based upon a new band is set to hit the charts. Accordingly, the major uniqueness is that this NFT band will perform upon the NFT Metaverse itself. In such terms, music is said to go virtual and perform virtual now. 


The KINGSHIP is the new music NFT band set to rock upon the Metaverse universe. This band actually comprises four Bored Apes NFT images. These Bored Apes images are completely inspired from the huge hit NFTs, the Gorillaz. 

Accordingly, these four Bored Apes, cartoon images are set to perform their music and orchestra upon the digital Metaverse. 

Moreover, these four Bored Apes cartoon images are actually from the Bored Apes yacht Club NFTs. 

In spite of all this, the back funder for this ambitious hit music NFT project is the Universal Music Group. And so, the KINGSHIP will perform along with major music stars such as Taylor Swift, Queen, Nirvana and Billie Eilish. 

Besides, this KINGSHIP is said to be undertaken under the custody of Nicholas Adler. In such terms, Nicholas Adler will be managing the entire KINGSHIP band. 

More to the note, Nicholas Adler is also the manager of famous rock rapper, Snoop Dogg.

Views of Adler

Accordingly, Adler terms that this is a completely new revolution upon the NFT industry itself. In addition, Adler terms that almost the entire music industry is into the NFTs in one way or the other. 

Many music stars and artists are into NFTs, such as branding one, launching their own NFTs, launching NFTs endorsed by them, trading NFTs and much more. However, none have till now launched live music upon the NFT platform itself, Adler comments. 

Also, he assures that the performance of KINGSHIP will be completely fresh and new, nothing so far witnessed anything as such. 

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