Korean singer of illuminati member. Future of Bitcoin

In here korea, there is one rumor about bitcoin.

it is related to korea’s most popular singer ‘IU’

some guys think that She foretold Bitcoin‘s future, and half had already hit the mark. what do u think about this Rumor?

The album and songs in the photo were released in March 2021.


2021 / number for January ~ October

1. 라일락 (Lilac) = Good signal?
2. FLU = maybe covid-19
3. ✩Coin ✩ = in video lyric, She says to put everything on the line for the last gamble.
4. 봄 안녕 봄 (spring (hi & also mean bye) spring) =coming spring? and byebye spring
5. Celebrity = Actually, this May was a big boom.
6. Troll = bad signal?
7. Empty Cup = a lot of money goes out ?
8. The sea of a kid & i = maybe ‘sea’ means a lot of blue candle stick
9. Ah Puh = The sound of drowning in Korean(Koreans throw themselves into many rivers when they kill themselves.)
10. Epilogue = this season , or bitcoin is end? ( but in lyric she said we r going to next )


Listen to the lyrics of all the songs on YouTube and tell me what you think.

((Add: Facebook Mark Zuckerberg’s meeting day( my goats Max&Bitcoin )
is in 5/26/2021. 2+0+2+1+5+2+6=18. (6+6+6) If bad news is announced to Bitcoin on this day, I expect Bitcoin to deteriorate as the singer predicted.))

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