Lagarde spreading LOVE

Lagarde spreading LOVE

Lagarde spreading LOVE from Bitcoin

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  1. “The day when we have the central bank digital currency out, any digital euro, I will guarantee. So the central bank will be behind it, and I think that’s vastly different from any of those things [cryptocurrencies].”

    the fact that she can’t see her “guarantee” as vastly *inferior* to bitcoin’s multiple guarantees really makes me question whether she’s full of it or really that delusional.

  2. Here’s the question no one asks:

    “When you say that when you issue a CBDC that it will be backed by you/the government, what does that mean? Is it just that you will continue enforcing merchants to accept it, or do you promise to back the purchasing power of that CBDC against the goods and services we need in order to live?”

    …and if so, how the hell do you plan to do that? lol

  3. All fiat are backed by violence and force to use the fiat. Taxation, foreign trade, forcing currency upon other economies (petrodollar), are used to increase demand of fiat. Even the assets used as collateral (treasuries) are indirect fiat.

    The only way to increase the value of your imaginary fiat asset, is to force more demand of the asset onto people. This is why the US government would rather the poor in USA suffer than accept Russian loan repayment in anything other than USD.

    Centralizing the currency is essentially a takeover of the economy, where you make interest off the GDP of said economy.

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