Largest Movie Theater Chain in Thailand starts accepting Bitcoin

Largest Movie Theater Chain in Thailand starts accepting Bitcoin

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  1. And at the same time the Thai SEC is proposing legislation that would require people to have very high salaries (10x average) in order to make accounts on exchanges in an attempt to keep normal people away from crypto.

  2. All of yall saying “why bitcoin” have to realize that this is a major step toward other cryptos being accepted.

    Yes, no one will spend bitcoin like no one spends gold. But eventually more cryptos will be adopted and used. Bitcoin isn’t the endgame, it’s just the beginning.

  3. tldr; Thailand’s largest operator of movie theatres, Major Cineplex Group, has launched a cryptocurrency payment pilot project in a bid to support innovation and new technologies. Customers will be able to buy movie tickets using Bitcoin via RapidZ by simply scanning a QR code. The move is expected to attract crypto-savvy customers that are in touch with the digital currency trend.

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  4. I don’t understand paying for something in anything other than a stablecoin. In 10 years you will just realize that you once paid $1600 for a couple of movie tickets.

  5. Imagine the fees lol.bitcoin is not meant for micro transaction (day 2 day usages ) .they should have implemented nano or any crypto with no transaction fee. Though i appreciate that more n more shop owners are starting to accept crypto currency as a whole… Great news

  6. “Hello! we’re industries and we don’t understand shit about crypto currency and transfers!”.

    Why don’t they use a more flexible coin, and faster? Yeah I won’t say the N token word but you got me! I’m pretty sure other coins might be usable, especially the ones designed for video games and medias like enjin.

    I guess they want to create a treasury in btc to either speculate or betting the value will increase in the future.



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