LaunchX and KuCoin Enters Into a Partnership Agreement

LaunchX and KuCoin Enters Into a Partnership Agreement

The LaunchX platform shares a wonderful rapport with KuCoin right from when the former launched the native LaunchX token through BurningDrop of KuCoin. If you are registered with LaunchX, you might already know that the LaunchX token was the first token to be officially listed as $LNCHX at the exchange forum on May 17. The company of KuCoin is committed to the goal of technical revolution through blockchain technology. The platform supports the development of more than 300 blockchain-based projects and offers blockchain services to over 8 million users spanning across 207 nations around the world. KuCoin is an international crypto-exchange forum that supports the exchange of several cryptocurrencies and digital assets. The platform offers margin trading, spot trading, lending, staking, futures trading, and fiat currency trading on a P2P basis. In the year 2018, the platform of KuCoin obtained $20 million from Matrix Partners and IDG Capital through the Round A funding schemes. As of today, KuCoin is widely popular across countries, and the partnership between KuCoin and LaunchX shall spearhead the development of vital Blockchain projects around the world.

Empowered by the successful launch of the native token through BurningDrop, LaunchX has now entered into a collaboration agreement with KuCoin to establish a global blockchain-based community. According to the partnership contract, KuCoin shall offer robust liquidity support by providing access to multiple markets in the future for the $LNCHX token users. The platform of KuCoin intends to make the best use of the multi-chain asset support facility of LaunchX through the partnership. LaunchX provides support to the issue of multi-chain assets for enabling the commencement of projects on its blockchain. The partnership between KuCoin and LaunchX is crucial for the industry of Blockchain industry and is the pillar of success for the thriving and ever-expanding Blockchain community.

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