Leading Digital Asset Exchange Announces New Phase Of Its OpenPunks NFT Program

Leading Digital Asset Exchange Announces New Phase Of Its OpenPunks NFT Program



&nbsp, one of the world’s leading digital asset exchanges that offer exclusive services to blockchain enthusiasts from over 190 countries has just announced its plans for the next phase of its community-driven OpenPunks NFT program.

The exchange launched its OpenPunks collection a few weeks ago and is seeking to enhance the program for more efficient functionalities while giving users the opportunity to explore the world of creativity within the blockchain industry. The exchange elaborated on this saying;

“We’ve developed OpenPunks as a way for our users to explore their creative side while offering them a structured environment to do it in. Text-based NFTs such as OpenPunks completely flip the script on NFTs as we know them. By taking this approach, we are empowering NFT holders to let their creativity run wild and let them focus on self-expression and their own unique takes on the space,” said Marie Tatibouet, Chief Marketing Officer at”

According to the announcement,’s OpenPunks collection has marked the world’s first community-driven NFT collection. Hence, they are inviting the community to create and vote for OpenPunk NFTs with some promising rewards for winners.

The exchange explained that the top 30 OpenPunks NFT creators which have been shortlisted for voting are open to a chance to win $6,000 in prizes. Moreso, these winners would receive both the OpenPunk NFT they designed as well as a $700 cash prize.




The exchange further revealed some collections of OpenPunk that are already receiving massive votes currently. The announcement reads;

“OpenPunk #1 was described as a woman with silver hair, yellow skin, and the role of a chef. It has received over 16,000 votes thus far. OpenPunk #2 was described as a werewolf with grey hair, black skin and the role of a police officer. It has received over 12,000 votes thus far. OpenPunk #3 was described as a vampire with black hair, brown skin and the role of a teacher. It has received over 14,000 votes thus far.”

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