Learn from my errors: NEVER sell all your stack even if you reach your personal moon.

Little story time:

I discovered Bitcoin at its infancy, in 2009, via Slashdot. At the time, I saw it as a funny stupid think (magic Internet coins!) and downloaded the wallet and, being the nerd I am, mined some blocks on my puny 2011 CPU at my parents computer. I actually mined A LOT of blocks, since I forgot I had the miner running. At 50 BTC per block, we are speaking about hundreds of Bitcoins, with no pool involved! Then, another day, I saw another Bitcoin article on Slashdot and one of the comments said he would buy Bitcoins. At the time, I didn’t really think Bitcoin was going to be anything more than a funny experiment so, via Paypal, I sold all my coins to this guy (who I thought at the time must be stupid). This allowed me to pay for some small holiday with my girlfriend. I also stopped mining.

Had I kept 10% of my stack, I would be fucking rich today.

Jump forward to 2013 and I read about Bitcoin crazy volatility. Well, I said, where there is volatility there can be profit, so I started trading Bitcoins and doing some nice gains. At some point I stopped trading in []( and kept around 500 BTC (most of them earned trough trading, I bought maybe 100 at an average buy price of a whooping 9 euros) for some time, but when they reached above 30 euros about a year later, I decided to sell them to get a nice new car.

Had I kept 10% of my stack, I would had a VERY comfortable financial independence today.

I went back to Bitcoin in 2017 and have been DCA’ing since them (both in Bitcoin and other coins I really like technologically like Ethereum, Monero and Nano). I sold a little of my stack in this bull run mostly to cover my investment in my latest three years and have a little personal reward for painfully HODLing trough the ice age, but I still keep most of my stack. This time my moon is clear and ambitious: financial independence and not having to sell my work to others, which I estimate I can reach, before taxes, with about one million euros. I’m very, very far away from that target but I have high hopes for the next post-halvenings so I continue slowly buying. Anyway, I learned from my errors and even if I reach that target I’m NOT selling everything again. Will kept 10% of whatever amount I have at least until some huge necessity required me to sell it.

**TL;DR never sell all your stack, no matter if you think you have reached your personal moon.**

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  1. It wasn’t a mistake. You did the best you could with the knowledge you had at the time. For all you knew, Bitcoin could have crashed down to $0.0001 and you would have lost all your money. Never have any regrets in life.

  2. My moon is my financial independence. Damn right I’m going to take profits if I reach that point because after that I have very little to worry about. I don’t need to be overly rich, I just want to live worry free and not think about money. Money is still just a tool and an enabler for me.

  3. I’ve seen a few people on here the last few days saying they’ve sold everything. Feels good to see people profiting enough to sell, but yeah I hope people at least keep some of their bags in case they’d end up making even more

  4. This is bad advice. Yeah it’s easy to look in hindsight and say “I could have made 30x my money if I held”, but as the old saying goes, no one ever went broke taking profits.

    But if someone reaches their moon, which may be paying off debt, having savings etc they should absolutely take it if that’s what they feel is right

  5. Hindsight is 20/20

    I found out about Bitcoin in 2010 thanks to Reddit but I used it as a currency (did not do the spend and replace strategy)

    Back then Bitcoin was just internet magic money (the way we look at moons now)

  6. Great advice, OP. When I talk to folks about the same issue I gave similar advice, but with a slightly different wording. I say “never sell your whole moon bag”.

  7. Jeez mate. And here I am close to slitting my wrists for selling all my EOS at 3.8. It’s tough, but no-one would have thought bitcoin would be where it is today back when you had it

  8. Wow that was a rollercoaster! My moon is also financial independence. I will most likely still work as I am a freelancer in a field I love, but I won’t be doing it to make sure we can pay rent next month.

    I’m holding my bag possibly forever, pass it down to the younger generation. When the time comes when I need fiat I will probably try to borrow on crypto collateral.

  9. Reading the comments, I think OP’s point is being lost.

    He’s not advocating the closed mentality of “HODL to death, sell never, fuck the moon we’re going to Jupiter, 💎👐👍”. He’s making the point of absolutely, by all means, take profits along the way, just never completely liquidate the fund you believe the most into.

    10% of your investment stashed aside for future proofing is not asking for too much, and can absolutely be worth your while. If it crashes and burns, you still enjoyed your profits and had a blast. If it moons, you now have a nice nest egg ready to be cracked.

  10. I bought pizza with my early BTC. Family calls me an idiot now since I could have been wealthy. But I’m the dude who got pizza from running my PC. Thats some 4D chess for a bored teenager 🤷‍♀️

  11. Stupid logic. If you made profit and you want to take it to achieve it go ahead.

    If you earn enough to pay off your mortgage, hold it and then it plummets 70% in a bear market you are going to be looking very fucking stupid

  12. 2009. Thats like the fucking invention of the wheel you are a fucking founding father.

    To even be in the crypto space at that time I am immensely jealous the shit you’ve seen and been through. Did you actually see any posts by Satoshi himself(her or themselves?). Thats like hearing a sermon by Jesus! Or hal? These are folk lore in crypto.

    My crypto era started in 2017 and been through some real tough shit to be at the stage I am now and what you’re saying, just hold the fucker, is what I’ve done, I sometimes just dont know why but my gut and balls just screamed out don’t sell just HODL! But damn, 2009. Thats like seeing the universe being born in the big bang and you’re still here.

    # Legend.

  13. Sometimes lessons that hurt are lessons that are learned :/ even if it may be painful to talk about. Thank you for sharing your story& best of luck to your future investments!



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