Leaving crypto passwords to my parents in case I get killed (cops in Colombia are killing us protesters). How do I explain to them in a simple way what they should do with it?

EDIT: Don’t give me money, instead donate to the Temblores NGO, they are the ones risking their lives reporting kill counts to the international institutions.

Here you can donate, feel free to look them up. [Temblores](


I just figured out this is something that could happen, and I would like to leave them something if it does.

It’s not much what I hold, just a couple dozen XRP, ADA and a couple of dollars in ETH. If something happens to me, it may help them in the long term, I hope.

But I’ve actually come to this situation where I don’t know how to explain to them what to do with it. I plan to create a crypto wallet in Metamask and leaving them the pass phrase in a letter. Sadly I can’t talk to them about this because they usually think I’m going to my SOs place and not the streets, I don’t want to leave them worried so I never really tell them…

Is there any resource that can explain older people the
basics of crypto, its potential value and the basics for handling a wallet?

Thanks a lot.

Edit: to those saying people here shouldn’t go out and “commit crimes” to not get killed, police is literally shooting students in the street for simply lighting candles in honor of those that have been killed by them. Get your facts straight please, and I really hope you never get to see this kind of human suffering In your country.

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  1. Create a new wallet, make a video of yourself opening it, using your private keys etc tell them to do the same thing with the “real” one: at least two copies, in different locations. Sorry about the situation

  2. You’re smart enough to get into crypto, which means you are big brained. Find subversive ways to protest without putting your life on the line. The cause doesn’t need you dead, it needs you alive. So do we. Even more, your parents and future family. Stay safe.

  3. Easy for people to say not to protest when they aren’t the ones experiencing what you’re going through. I hope you make the best decision for yourself. Like others said, I would write out every detail you can think of in a step by step format and explain to them in simple terms what it means. Good luck man hope you stay safe.

  4. I spent a few months in medellin back in 2018. I ended up in a student rally about student fees. Everything was peaceful and I didn’t even see any police. Shame how it has changed in only 3 years.

  5. Make a video. Or a screen recording. Walk them through the process. My heart breaks for you. I cant even imagine. Be safe. Best of luck. Thoughts and prayers.

  6. Sorry for the situation, my friend. It’s tragic that you have to consider this each day. Kudos for standing up for what you believe is right and even more so for considering the long term impact of your actions.

    I have set up a quick how-to guide in my estate documents that describes accessing and cashing out all my crypto. In the event of an untimely loss, they don’t need all the details about how to trade, exchange, etc. A simple document and/or video explaining exactly how to access and transfer to fiat is all you need.

    If you can go one step further, leave the instructions and keys where they can access things (obviously keep it secure so others can’t get to it). If you have a trusted friend who is savvy, leave his or her name in the instructions as someone to contact if they need help.

  7. Visité Colombia para conocer a mis amigos de internet en la vida real y todo esto me da miedo. Me pidieron aumentar la conciencia sobre este tema y voy a seguir haciéndolo.

    Es mejor que te quedes en casa, sin embargo, no te voy a decir como deberías luchar, pero por el amor de dios, mantente a salvo allí afuera y ten cuidado. Puedo decir que ustedes allí son muy valientes haciendo lo necesario para luchar contra la injusticia el gobierno.

    El mundo necesita saber lo del gobierno colombiano y el gobierno necesita ser responsable.

  8. You can write an email with full explanation and you can report the moment it’s send each week (you can set it to each day, month) and if you die you won’t be able to report it so your parents are gonna receive the email with full explanation

  9. Could you make a video on how to do it and put it on a flash drive to be delivered to them in case of your death? Is there anyone you would trust with that or maybe just have it where you live with a note on it for it to be delivered to your parents in case of your death? In the video you could show them clearly each step required and they would have one last video to see you where you could say goodbye as well.

  10. Not going to protest isn’t a guarantee that you can’t die suddenly someday. You might die in your sleep. I believe each parent has a diary where they pen down their stuffs and they know the little book is secretive and not anyone can access it while they are still alive. Same way, you can do a short video or write down a short story using words and slang your parents best understand on how to access and benefit from that treasure (your crypto wallet). And when you are no more, I hope they find your diary, which they will definitely do.

  11. I would really love help you and your parents in this difficult situation. My suggestion is to just create a 3 key multi signature wallet, which should require at least 2 keys to unlock the wallet. Keep one signature with them, and one with you and one with any of your trusted friend. Instruct your parents take guidance from that trusted friend but instruct them not to disclose their private key.

    I know it’s very complicated for your parents to handle multi signature wallets, but this will give them a nice way to have access to your wallet.

  12. Get a crypto buddy. If you have a trusted friend that knows and uses crypto make a pact. If either of you meet your demise that you will help their loved ones navigate wallets and exchanges. They’ll never need to see the passwords or seed phrases, leave them a list of the exchanges and services you use, and they can help your parents navigate them and tell them when and where to input the passwords etc and how to transfer or track the balances.

  13. Mucha fuerza y ánimos, vigila mucho no vayas solo y ten mucho cuidado de noche. Si escuchas disparos no corras, cuerpo al suelo.
    Los cojones que tenéis para luchar son un verdadero ejemplo para el resto del mundo

  14. Write down a guide. Start with a paragraph explaining that you invested money in this and why. If needed, give a small explanation of what crypto is. Then write a tutorial teaching step by step how they can access and withdraw your investments.

  15. Could use the passkey in the letter, letter telling them where to learn about the crypto and leave the numbers by the keywords. Just an idea. Be careful out there. My hopes for your victory in struggle against tyranny, brother.

  16. 158 comments and nobody has suggested you go make a will? Go see a lawyer and make a will with details of all crypto balances, not in $ total but physical totals of each coin and list your digital wallets with your phrases. Leaving bread crumbs is sketchy and why we have wills.

    This isn’t a breaking bad, a lawyer isn’t going to steal your crypto and if you’re that worried about it then don’t put the recovery phrases in a will, put them in a safety deposit box and leave the contents of that to your parents so the lawyer can’t get in there before them.

  17. I love Columbia and look forward to a better future for you. I hope you and others are able to find safety and don’t lose faith. Praying for your country!

  18. Best way to combat any inequality is to exist in the system, don’t die, keep pumping currency into blockchain until it destabilizes systems, then use your capitol post revolution. We are all fighting a fight. It’s only valid if we stay alive.

  19. > Edit: to those saying people here shouldn’t go out and “commit crimes” to not get killed, police is literally shooting students in the street for simply lighting candles in honor of those that have been killed by them. Get your facts straight please, and I really hope you never get to see this kind of human suffering In your country.

    Anyone saying this is a garbage piece of shit human who should remove themselves from society by any means necessary.

  20. Video like others have said.

    I put the video my keys and text instructions on a chrome usb key fob that is in the safe. The file is encrypted and there is a top level text file that explains which password to use without actually saying the password (you all have that password that your wife husband son daughter know).

  21. I think it’s better to leave them the seed phrase. Your device can be lost or stolen. Seed phrase can be reused elsewhere

    The best way to do this is to screen record the whole process of recovering the wallet. Also you might want to have someone you/they trust to transfer the money out since you can’t convert crypto to fiat directly in metamask

  22. OP, just for our sake, keep this post updated from time to time. I guess many of us will be worried about you, so it’ll be good to hear that you’re fine from you time to time…

  23. I can’t give you any more advice on how to get your parents to understand than what’s already been posted here. Just wanted to say if you’re protesting, stay safe out there.

  24. Creo que lo mejor sería que hicieras un tutorial paso a paso con las claves escritas en una pagina/cuaderno y digitalmente. Estoy con ustedes en mente y espíritu, viva Colombia.

    -Tu vecino Panameño

  25. If you have a friend you trust that knows their way around crypto, tell your parents to look them up. Thats what my wifey will do, in case my heart stops from watching shitcoin after shitcoin surpass my delicately selected alts with amazing future potential.

  26. I’d make a full step by step plan on how to recover your wallet and make sure they understand that it is for their benefit to follow the plan and not look for shortcuts as that’s a way scammers could get in.

  27. Mucha fuerza hermano en estos tiempos de incertidumbre, cuídate mucho y a los tuyos.

    No creo que tus papás puedan entender mucho de cryptos, diles que ahí tienes dinero ahorrado ahí, que lo cuiden bien por cualquier eventualidad.

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