Let’s play Quake! Earn Nano for every frag 😵

[Play Quake]( and get Nano for every frag. We’ve been having so much fun. You just setup a user name and give your Nano deposit address. I use the iOS Natrium Wallet. It deposits to your address immediately after each game.

I’ve had games with a bunch of Frags but I kept falling off the map. Ended the game with -2+ and still got Nano 😅

I wonder if ETH/X project could implement a game that uses your computer for mining so you earn while providing processing power for proof of work.

Pretty sure this Nano is just being donated.

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  1. I played this a coupe of hours simply for the fun of playing Quake again. There are times the servers get pretty hectic and it felt quite enjoyable. Nano amount is trivial and it’s a nice idea/bonus but the fun is priceless.

  2. Nano and gaming are a match made perfectly.

    If you’re a game dev, know that there are plugins and integrations for many games, and making a custom integration is relatively easy if you have a node or API access.

    There’s currently a plugin for Unreal, and there is a Unity plugin that is close to being released. A Minecraft integration is also in the works.



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