Let’s take a moment to realize that 95 Crypto Projects now have a market valuation of more than 1 Billion ( USD, according to CoinGecko.

I think we have never been at a higher amount of crypto projects that all have a market cap of over a billion USD.


How many projects will be at 1 **Billion** at the peak of the altcoin bull cycle?

How many projects will be at 1 **Trillion** at the peak of the altcoin bull cycle?

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  1. And fiat inflation keeps pushing it faster! This is going to continue being a great year for crypto. $100 000 BTC in the near future. ETH going to rocket this summer as well. VeChain being adopted by more and more companies. Good times.

  2. I was looking at this last night. It’s really mind blowing that in the near future 1 billion market caps will extend outside of the top 100. We’re watching the world change at an incredible pace.

  3. >How many projects will be at 1 Trillion at the peak of the altcoin bull cycle?

    There are 4 or 5 trillion dollar companies that I’m aware of, but I think there is much more potential for cryptos than there are for stocks. Eventually there will be several at a minimum. All depends on mass appeal and what the regulations look like. I wonder if Wallstreet will ever push to modernize to compete better with cryptos.

  4. Are we taking bets? I would bet the number over 1 Billion are the number over 125 Million currently, and the number over 1 Trillion are the number over 200 Billion currently.

  5. Newb question, as I’m just dipping my toes into crypto so forgive me if it’s even an incorrect assumption leading to the question:

    All of these crypto currencies are traded against one another and against fiat currencies. They are daily broadening the scope of the acceptable goods and services one can pay for with crypto directly. With crypto growing exponentially as stated in this post, what is it all being backed by as fiat inflates? What is the actual value?

    I just started that MIT free YouTube course on blockchain today so if the answers are there just let me know and I’ll wait to listen to them.

  6. It’s great to know that the Crypto market cap can’t be pushed around so easily anymore. Talking about trillions means that this is some serious shit. The real bubble is traditional finance

  7. Most of these coins have valuation based on speculation. It’s all in its infancy. We are speculators. Now we are beginning to see crypto moving into the mainstream, these projects will need to prove themselves in the open market. To show their worth and create the disruptions they previously envisioned. Some billion dollar valuations will be just the beginning and as the projects become adopted their market cap will explode upwards. Others will fail and quickly fizzle out as coin holders sell and invest in more successful opportunities. Additionally, there will be thousands of new cryptos and visions both original and those looking to improve upon successful and unsuccessful crypto projects. This will be an interesting next few years/decades. Best of luck to us all. Knowledge is key.



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