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Bitcoin isn’t only the first cryptocurrency, but also it is the most popular one out of all thousands of cryptocurrencies that exist in the market today.

The financial media always try to cover even a tiny event or news about bitcoin. It makes bitcoin an unavoidable crypto coin.

Though most of bitcoin’s headlines are about its high volatility, it is the only cryptocurrency that attracts most beginner investors who want to invest in a store of wealth that acts as a medium of exchange.

Understanding the working of bitcoin is crucial, and learning about its pros and cons might get tricky. Read more about bitcoin selling and buying in the crypto engine platform Let’s have an overview of bitcoin works.

The Meaning of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a computerized code or digital currency that can get used for exchange purposes. The main attractive thing about bitcoin is that it doesn’t include intermediaries like the government or banks.

The creator of bitcoin is a mysterious entity known as Satoshi Nakamoto. Satoshi developed bitcoin to introduce a payment system to people worldwide that isn’t based on trust but relies on cryptographic proof.

The record-making procedure of bitcoin is different from other cryptocurrencies. All the bitcoin transactions that have been made exist on a public ledger accessible to each person. 

The best thing about the bitcoin network is that all records exist in a public ledger, which makes it impossible for anyone to counterfeit the transactions or reverse them. Furthermore, Bitcoin has a decentralized nature, which explains its working process.

It works independently and isn’t backed by any financial institution or government. It means that there is no guarantee of any central authority regarding its value and your investment in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

The main reason why bitcoin is worth money is because people consider it equivalent to gold. Because bitcoin has the prospective to provide outstanding returns, people compare it with gold. 

Bitcoin got launched in 2009, and since then, its value has increased incredibly. It was valued from zero, and in 2021, its value crossed $60,000. Its value is fixed, and there can never be more than 21 million bitcoins.

Limited supply is a reason to rise. Bitcoin’s demand and supply are significant factors that influence its price. Investors can expect bitcoin’s price to increase in the future as it is the same as gold that acts as a hedge against inflation and market volatility. 

The base of Bitcoin – Blockchain Technology

Beginners can understand the working of bitcoin by understanding its base, i.e., blockchain technology. Blockchain consists of data that gets assembled in blocks.

Blockchain consists of an endless number of blocks that all contain information regarding bitcoin transactions. The information included in blocks includes the identity of buyer, seller, total value, date and time of the transaction, and a unique code set for crypto exchanges. The data that gets entered in blocks is done in chronological order. 

Like bitcoin, blockchain also has a decentralized nature, which means no authority is given to any organization or individual to control or manipulate the public ledger.

Though the ledger is public, no one is offered the authority to manipulate the data. No one owns or controls bitcoin or blockchain, but those users who link to it can contribute. Have you ever heard of mining bitcoins? If not, you can learn about it in the forthcoming paragraphs.

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