Lightning Integrated Into Website – Give It A Test Run

Thanks to the team at Mash we have finally integrated lightning into our website. Would love for some fellow Bitcoiners to give it a test run.


You will have to make a wallet, but then you are free to use the site. Thanks for any input or comments folks! If you drop your wallet address below, I will send you some sats to fund your new wallet and to try out the site more fully.


(Depending on response level, I will have to stop at some point with distributing free sats. I guess I am saying the early bird gets the worm. 🐣🪱)

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  1. The links open up in the same tab, so I have to hit “back” to go back to the site, which forces me to log back in so that I can click on another link. Annoying.

    Either force the link to open in a new tab, or set a cookie so one stays logged in when they come back to the site.

  2. Why the registration process? Can’t we pay with own wallets? In my opinion should be free of choice, maybe registered get some premium on something. Idk. Best!

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