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In January this year we launched [](, a premium online casino where we offered Lightning Network payments (deposits & withdrawals) from day one. We have been running for about 4.5 months now, so I thought I should share some data on LN adoption. Unfortunately I am not allowed to give out hard numbers but I am able to share percentages and trends.

The number of Lightning Network deposits done is growing at about **100%** month on month.

Over the months the share of Lightning Network deposits has increased from **28% to 40%** of all Bitcoin deposits.

Number of users using Lightning Network has also gone from **29% to 39%** of all Bitcoin users, so we are not just seeing more transactions per users but growing adoption.

The average deposit amount on Lightning Network is about **40-50%** of what we are seeing for Bitcoin On-Chain transactions. So Lightning Network users right now are transact less in total. Lower fees allows for sending lower amounts without fees being restrictive, so maybe this should be expected.


Adoption of Lightning Network is stronger than we initially thought it would be. We were early to the party when we launched but it looks like Lightning Network will take over as the most commonly used method of transfer for Bitcoin in another month or two!

Technically, it has mostly been smooth sailing. We have had a handful of “no route found” issues, mostly related to users using Phoenix Wallet, but this has been very rare.

By sharing this we hope to give merchants looking at Lightning Network some positive real world data and grow Lightning Network!

Game On!

Team [](

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  1. With the decentralized nature of lightning, I eagerly read those posts. Only other reasonably useful data was from Bosworth, routing 75c/second, and sometimes making loads of money with it 🙂

    Any routing happening on your nodes?



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