Lily Allen turned down 200K in Bitcoins for a gig in 2009 which is worth $5,823,940,000 as of this writing

Lily Allen turned down 200K in Bitcoins for a gig in 2009 which is worth $5,823,940,000 as of this writing

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  1. This is a dumb myth born from the fact that she doesn’t know the difference between bitcoin and second life money. She was offered second life dollars or sth.

  2. The value of hindsight is always 20/20. Do not disparage the poor soul.
    Why, OP, if you were so intelligent, didn’t you buy $10 worth of bitcoins at $3 each and retire in 2017?

  3. I think it was Linden dollars as others have said… But at that time a lot of people were trading Linden dollars for BTC so that step would have had to happen for the value to rise like that. Wish I traded some of my Linden dollars back then!

  4. > Lily Allen turned down 200K in Bitcoins

    What does that mean? “200K in Bitcoins” makes no sense. DO you mean BTC 200,000? Or $US 200,000 worth of bitcoin? In the latter case, how many bitcoins was it?

  5. Yeah and woulda been worth so much more just two weeks ago. Shitcoins ruining Bitcoin making crypto in general a joke…. Two cents from a normie, much love and hope for the dream you have cryptos

  6. Your biggest enemy with Bitcoin is your lack of confidence in its revolution.

    To solve this problem, there is no secret, you must make the intellectual effort to understand the why of Bitcoin. If you do, then you’ll know how to be patient, because you’ll be confident in the inevitable success of Bitcoin.

    It’s only a matter of time.

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