Lindsay Lohan On Why NFTs Are Destined For Hollywood

Lindsay Lohan On Why NFTs Are Destined For Hollywood

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  1. tldr; Actress Lindsay Lohan is launching a non-fungible token (NFT) through FansForever on March 27. NFTs, which confer provable digital ownership over everything from art and albums to real estate and tweets, have attracted widespread interest in recent months. Lohan says the technology has become an active way to interact with fans and communities.

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  2. In case you didn’t already know, Lindsay Lohan was paid to put out a tweet with regards to NFTs on the tron blockchain. Evidence here:

    The problem, however, is that Justin Sun as well as the Tron Foundation have done so much to damage their own reputation(s) that you could read the hitpiece on Justin Sun yourself written by the Verge or just search for “justin sun” in the subreddit search bar.

    In all honesty with my own experience I have only seen two types of people that behave like some kind of paid shills in the crypto space: BSV / Craig Wright supporters and TRX / Justin Sun supporters. When confronted with undeniable evidence of lies or forgeries there are pivots to laughable claims.

    EDIT: I would not be surprised to discover that whoever wrote this article at Forbes was paid by the Tron Foundation to write that article.

  3. NFTs are an okay idea, but I’m not convinced that they will hold value as well as say physical artwork. When things are so easily duplicated what’s the point of being an owner? So you can say I bought the first crypto kitty or I bought the rights to JT’s song. I can still look at your crypto kitty, and can still play JT’s song for free… What am I missing? It sounds like a street cred/ hype market used to just show off wealth. Which is not something that everyone is into.



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