Lindsay Lohan Tweeting About TRON: Is It Time to Take Profits?

Lindsay Lohan Tweeting About TRON: Is It Time to Take Profits?

American singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur, Lindsay Lohan is the latest celebrity to openly endorse cryptocurrencies. Just three days ago, she announced the sale of her NFT, Bitcoin ‘Lightning,’ and now, it seems she is getting fascinated by the DeFi world.

Lohan Explores DeFi, Expresses Admiration for TRON and Its DeFi Protocols

There appears to be a widespread bitcoin frenzy in the music scene. While Hip Hop star Jay Z is teaming up with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to donate bitcoin for developers in Africa, Lindsay Lohan is exploring the world of DeFi.

She took to her Twitter account to express admiration for the TRON blockchain and its DeFi protocol, JUST. She revealed that she loves the speed and zero transaction cost on the TRON blockchain.

Founder of TRON Foundation, Justin Sun, is unfazed by his huge loss on Gamestop (GME). In his usual philanthropic mood, he welcomed Lohan to the TRON blockchain and requested her wallet address.

Lohan is not the only TRON proponent in the music industry. Rapper, Lil Yachty, and Ne-Yo are also considering adding TRON to their portfolios. In fact, both Lil Yachty and Sun have jointly agreed to get a tattoo if the coin hits 50 cents!

Lindsay Lohan Launches Bitcoin ‘Lightning’ NFT

This is definitely the year of NFTs, as pundits predicted. The NFT markets have soared tremendously, and many landmarks have been recorded. From record sales to increased adoption by public figures, the industry is certainly full of potentials.

Lindsay Lohan has launched her first digital collectible on Rarible. She encouraged her followers to support her vision by purchasing the token. The American singer pledged to donate funds acquired from its sale to charity.

The Rarity description reads:

“I believe in a world which is financially decentralized and the power of dreams to be the core lightning network of humans. Here is my first Digital Collectible from which I shall donate to charities that accept Bitcoin to empower younger generations in order for them to adapt and learn about this revolution that humanity is witnessing”

There were confusions surrounding the token’s name. Some users opined that it gave the wrong impression since NFTs are hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, not Bitcoin. Nevertheless, the NFT has received a great response from the community. It was reportedly purchased for 33 ETH.

Is Market Top Nearing?

With all the attention cryptocurrencies are getting, in all shapes and forms, the question of whether or not the market nears its top.

Usually, celebrities getting on board is one of the clear signs that the market is nearing a peak. At times like these, it’s important to remember that nobody has lost money taking profits. When the hype and greed are high, this usually signals that the market may be due for a correction – it’s important to remain vigilant and very careful.

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