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LinkFlow Launches New Digital Asset-Based Services




Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 9th March, 2021, // ChainWire //

Linkflow has announced a new crypto service in partnership with its traditional asset management offering to bridge between the Defi ecosystem and the traditional investors. According to a press release by the company, the new crypto prime brokerage service is primarily focused on hedge fund managers, high net worth investors, and institutional investors.

“The service is focused on a platform for providing seamless connectivity to the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem giving clients unprecedented access and management to a wide array of digital assets,” the company noted through the press release. 

Notably, Linkflow’s Prime Brokerage Service intends to significantly help investors enter the cryptocurrency market and expands the scope of fund management to support more effective fund management. Although the core development team was formed back in 2018, the company has been materialized at the beginning of this year. 

Linkflow intends to tap on the billion-dollar Defi industry that is said to have a potential of surpassing $10 trillion and 1 billion users in the next few years. Speaking during the press release, Linkflow President Chris Jung noted that the company aims to be a one-stop-shop for institutional investors  “Linkflow sits in the middle of the DeFi and traditional markets and offers a one-stop-shop for spot and derivatives trading aggregation, margin extension, capital introduction, and even optimized bot trading,” Jung noted.




Linkflow intends to focus on various aspects to attract institutional investors. Some of the aspects include a tested security system, a friendly user experience, and also a unified API gateway. Besides, traditional institutional investors are seeking alternative forms of investment amid the ongoing global economic reset by the coronavirus pandemic.

Reportedly, Linkflow is already working with up to 30 institutional investors. Among them are Asia-based mining pools, crypto lenders and traders, and quantitative hedge funds with investments in traditional finance and exchanges.

Notably, a huge influx of institutional investors into the crypto market has triggered significant growth and adoption of blockchain technology. Apart from the speculative aspect of most digital assets, institutional investors are seeking guaranteed earnings, particularly in the crypto space. Thereby making the Defi ecosystem the best hotspot for institutional investors. 

Linkflow guarantees its customers the ability to check in real-time all activity taking place in their accounts. Besides, the company is set to provide stable profits through fast and stable order. Through its risk-free trading services, institutional investors are welcomed to test the new crypto prime brokerage service.

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