Living under inflation or hyperinflation reality

Greetings my Bitcoin friends. I don’t know where most of you come from, so, please allow me to assume that most of you come from developed countries where inflation has not been a problem (at least for the last 50 years).

Since March 2020 the world is facing the Covid-19 pandemic and one of the most evident symptoms or consequences of it is the disruption of supply and production chains all around the world, the acceleration of quantitative easing and for last but not least – INFLATION.

Inflation is a direct consequence of the endless money printing frenzy from the governments, and, I have to tell you guys – living with it is hard!

I was born and raised in Brazil. Back in the 1980s, we suffered from hyperinflation and sometimes we had [monthly inflation of ]([over 80% in 1990](!

Believe me or not, I have serious problems with inflation and this is a childhood trauma I have. My parents have always been hard-working people and since I was born until the creation of the Brazilian Real (the current national currency) and the new economic plan that allegedly stabilized the economy (even though, since 1994 the [BRL]( lost over 90% of its purchasing power due to, guess what, inflation! – and this year alone we lost 40% face value against the USD) I saw my parents lose our house, the cars and we literally became lower middle class because of inflation.

Of course, I know many people around the world faced and still face much worse living conditions, however, the main point here is to warn you of all the dangers inflation and hyperinflation bring!

Fortunately, we have Bitcoin and other cryptos to protect us from the government, from the depreciation of fiat currency, and to unshackle us from the monetary prison!

Here’s to bitcoin!

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  1. Thanks for the post. I expect that unfortunately the US will likely reach a point similar to the conditions your grew up under in the next few years. I was wondering if you could share any tips or advice about living in an economic environment like that?

  2. Thank you for sharing because for this reason I started investing in crypto. Since the pandemic prices of meat, dairy, an gas, this is just a couple of the price increases going up on everything an it’s hard. I would hate to imagine 80% increased that’s insane but its coming with the printing of all the money

  3. I was born in the 90’s in Brazil and is a trauma to see our economy always getting fucked, my father finished college in 1980 and before i was born had lost 3 companies because of inflation, he just couldn’t keep up with the inflation, my great grandma lost everything when Collor freeze the assets and my aunt who was a millionaire lost everything (houses, cars, farms) to the point that que couldn’t do basic groceries.
    Since i was born my father and mother have worked 6 days a week 10-12 hours a day, my father almost lost the company at least another 3 times in the last 20 years, i have friends that lost everything but at least we are not yet Argentina.

  4. It’s an incredibly strange time, and the world looks to be in for some tumultuous years ahead. I feel bad for those who don’t know about/aren’t into Bitcoin, many will be wiped out financially.

  5. I’ve been trying to warn my parents of this exact thing. What scares me isn’t that they don’t believe me…it’s that they seem to believe me and are doing little to nothing to protect themselves or their assets.

    I can only hope that my financial decisions pay off and they save me from what’s to come…whatever form it may take.

  6. Can you please comment on how you have seen society degrade as a result of inflation, if at all??? (loss of morals, loss of social structure, people making enemies of other people, less relational fidelity, etc etc etc)

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