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Hello r/cryptocurrency,

As a student who recently quit his job, I am looking for ways to earn some money alongside my studies.

Since cryptocurrencies and NFTs have intrigued me, I thought it would be fun to see if there are some ways to make money by taking on crypto side hustles.

I have already found several ways to earn money, but perhaps there are other, more lucrative methods that I am missing? If so, please let me know and I will add them to the list below.

These are the things I have looked into so far:

– Using the [Brave browser]( to earn BAT
– Taking part in [CMC’s Earn campaigns]( to earn various cryptos
– Reading and publishing content on [Publish0x](
– Posting and commenting on r/cryptocurrency to earn MOONS
– Using the [Presearch Search Engine]( to earn PRE for every search
– Staking cryptocurrencies*

*Staking would require an upfront investment and involves some risk due to the price fluctuations of whatever coin you’re staking

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  1. Moons are **by far** the best way to do it. You can earn a ridiculous amount if you’re active, and get the 20% boost for hodling and the 5% boost for voting in governance polls

  2. I didn’t see staking anywhere on your list. Depending on how you hold your crypto assets, certain networks will pay you to hold their coins. My own staking holdings are comprised of mostly BAND, ADA, ATOM, and ALGO with a smaller portion of NEO and ZIL. Typical APY runs from 5-15% on top of yearly gains/losses.

  3. The best source of income, would of course be a traditional job.

    Aside from that, you can day trade Crypto (basically gambling). Also has tax implications.

    Stake Algorand for 6% apy.


    Start a shitcoin, and shill it until its worth $0.10 and dump 10m coins.



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