Looking for feedback! I made a browser based crypto tracker that runs on any device with a browser and a screen. (details inside)

I wanted to make one of those desktop trackers for raspberry pi, and since i’m a programmer by trade I figured I’d go all out, and make one thats compatible with any device and doesn’t require any sort of installation. Its a simple crypto price tracking app, its very lightweight and is running on a pi zero w on the left. I was able to bring my old, virtually unusable original ipad mini back to life as a price tracker too.

Since its runs in browser as a website, you just have to have a browser and a screen to get your own table top crypto tracker up and running. No finding the right github, compatibility issues, etc. Just open the browser and go.

I’m looking for feedback and any sort of feature requests. This is totally free, I wanted to give back to the crypto community. You can of course try on on your desktop pc or modern phone, but its intended for old devices that you have sitting around collecting dust

tldr: If you want to try it, not sure if i can post links, but you can go to

screenshot: [](

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  1. i like the look, after setting it up i missed only a few things. the option for more then USD but thats not realy a deal breaker since i check noth prices, faster interval times. / maby live price. and maby a simple graph line so u can see a bit more how its doing

  2. Looks good. But there were a couple of things that might need to be sorted.

    According to my browser, the connection to the URL is not secure as the website is not verified.

    Also there appears to be cookies on the site but there was no consent option.



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