Losing Bitcoin Keys Doesn’t Happen Anymore Says Galaxy Digital’s Mike Novogratz

Losing Bitcoin Keys Doesn't Happen Anymore Says Galaxy Digital's Mike Novogratz


Former Goldman Sachs hedge fund manager and CEO of Galaxy Digital – Mike Novogratz – has spoken about the most heated topic in discussion, Bitcoin private keys. Speaking to Yahoo Finance, Novogratz said that losing Bitcoin keys is a thing of the past and it doesn’t happen anymore.



As we know, the total Bitcoin supply has been fixed at 21 million coins. Currently, there is more than 18 million Bitcoin (BTC) under circulation. However, several hundred Bitcoin have been lost in the past because of not getting access to private keys or losing the password to access the private keys. Speaking to the publication, Novogratz said:

“Our estimate is 3 million were lost. When bitcoin was one cent or four cents or 20 cents, people didn’t take it that seriously. Most of the lost bitcoins aren’t happening today…They happened right at the early onset of this thing. No one’s losing bitcoin anymore,” he said.

Novogratz’s comments come soon after the New York Times reported stories of some individuals who have lost their passkey and have been unable to access their million-dollar-fortune in Bitcoin (BTC). A German programmer has been unable to access his $220 million Bitcoin fortune. Interestingly, he now has only guesses left for the password to a harddrive called IronKey, which contains the private keys of a digital wallet holding over 7000 Bitcoins.

Former Ripple CTO Stefan Thomas is also lost the password to an encrypted hard drive that contains over $200million worth of Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency data firm Chainalysis reports that of the total 18.5 million BTC in circulation, 20% of it i.e. around $140 billion appears to have lost. Wallet Recovery Services, a business helping to recover the lost keys said that they are getting around 70 requests every day who want to unlock their lost fortune.

At press time, Bitcoin (BTC) is trading 4.09% up at $37,004 with a market cap of $685 billion. JPMorgan strategists said that strong institutional inflow is necessary to push the BTC price above $40,000. Analyst Joseph Young notes three factors that can deliver a strong Bitcoin move northwards.



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